Reloading spamassassin rules on fedora17

Alex mysqlstudent at
Wed Nov 14 02:27:36 CET 2012


I have an fc17 box with amavisd-new-2.6.6-2 and when I make
spamassassin rule changes, and need to reload amavisd (service amavisd
reload), it seems to instead just exit.

What is the proper way to signal to amavisd that it should re-read the
spamassassin rules?

I'd hate to have to restart (service amavisd restart) every time I
make a change. Is there a signal that I can send to the process?

If there is a portable way that works across all versions of fedora,
I'd sure appreciate that. I used to just run "service amavisd reload",
but it doesn't seem to work properly on some fc17 servers.


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