Amavis - DKIM sign 256 or 1024 bits?

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Mon Nov 5 15:38:32 CET 2012

* gedir.goncalves at <gedir.goncalves at>:
> Hi, good morning.
> I would like to take a doubt with colleagues from the list. 
> I installed and I enabled Amavis 2.6.6 in environmet of the test, I 
> created DKIM Key 1024 bit and sign is working properly. But I have a 
> doubts, when I see the message header I see that the signature is recorded 
> 256.

amavis creates 1024 bit size keys be default. You can override that and use
less that 512, but no less or up to 4096, but not more:

    $nbits = 1024  if !defined($nbits) || $nbits eq '';
    $nbits =~ /^\d+\z/  or die "Number of bits in a key must be numeric\n";
    $nbits >=  512  or die "Number of bits too small (suggested 768..1536)\n";
    $nbits <= 4096  or die "Number of bits too large (suggested 768..1536)\n";
    defined $fname && $fname ne '' or die "File name for a key not provided\n";

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