2.8 new install, not binding to additional ports

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Sun May 27 02:25:00 CEST 2012

> Missing leasing '/' in $lock_file.

ooops.... sorry..

> Btw, the $lock_file can be left at its default undef with 2.8.0,
> and amavisd will open an anonymous temporary file for locking.

Mark, thanks

fixed the path,
reverted $lock_file to undef
fixed the clam to 'clamd.ctl'

all seems to be working, thanks again !

ahem, a really dumb question:

so now that I have a working amavis with single file config, can I
overwrite the ubuntu's default amavis application with 2.8 amavis, in
/usr/sbin ?

and, expect it to work OK ?

or, am I asking to be bitten in the sensitive part ?

and, should use 2.8 amavis from a different path  ? /usr/local/sbin ?

thanks again, Voytek

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