Do policy_banks overrule defaults?

Patrick Ben Koetter p at
Fri May 25 14:03:23 CEST 2012

This is a rather complicated question (with a hopefully simple answer):

I have a set of virus scanners. Viruses should go to the quarantine unless
their virus name triggers a mass virus action via
@virus_name_to_policy_bank_maps. Among other things the mass virus action
should simply discard such virus messages.

How will amavis behave if one virus scanner reports a virus that would trigger
a mass virus action in @virus_name_to_policy_bank_maps but not the other ones?

Will the mass virus action (do not quarantine) overrule the default action
(quarantine)? Would I end up adding all (different) virus names from all
virus scanners in use to @virus_name_to_policy_bank_maps just make sure the
message will be discarded?


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