SV: TROUBLE in check_mail problem

Peter Sørensen maspsr at
Thu May 24 12:50:15 CEST 2012

Hi Mark,

Problem connected with not reading stdin so problem solved - thanks.



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Sendt: 24. maj 2012 12:17
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Emne: Re: TROUBLE in check_mail problem


> I am aware of this but I can't find the problem in my script.
> In certain cases I run a script and in below output I've set 
> log_level=5. If run by hand no problem with script

> May 24 09:13:03 MYSERVER amavis[24216]: (24216-01-3)
>   run_command_consumer: [24829]
>   /usr/local/etc/mxgw/scripts/ spam-%b root at MYSERVER
>     >/dev/null 2>/dev/null

> May 24 09:13:03 MYSERVER amavis[24216]: (24216-01-3)
>   (!!)TROUBLE in check_mail: quar+notif FAILED:
>   Submitting mail text failed: Broken pipe
>   at (eval 114) line 127, <GEN42> line 6301.

You will need to debug your program, apparently it gives up reading from stdin and closes it, probably on termination or crash. Open some debug file in (or a syslog) and sprinkle some debug printouts in there.

> If run by hand no problem with script

One difference is that when forked from amavisd the UID is that of the amavisd process. Another is that there is no controlling terminal associated with a process. Also the PATH environment variable may not be the same as in an interactive session.


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