Bounce Unverifiable

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Wed May 23 18:22:32 CEST 2012


> What is Bounce Unverifiable?
> The only information I could find with Google was this link:
> - but the
> reply wasn't complete.   I understood that Amavis thinks this is a
> bounce to a mail from my sever (it isn't) but I don't see why Amavis
> thinks this mail is a bounce.

> May 22 11:00:43 mail amavisd-new[7966]: (07966-17) bounce
>   unverifiable, <mailer at> -> <td at>

Some general notes on a bounce killer are in release notes,
search for 'bounce killer'.

Bounce killer tries to recognize some forms of bounce messages,
but is rather conservative about it. At the end of a bounce test,
if a bounce killer did not recognize a message as a bounce, but
a message is exhibiting some indication that it might have been
some form of an auto-response, then you see this informative
message logged at log level 2. Currently these indications
are: auto-response, From or return-path is a 'postmaster',
or a SpamAssassin rule ANY_BOUNCE_MESSAGE was hit.

So nothing to worry about. This is mostly an information
for program development that perhaps a bounce killer may
be missing recognition of some unusual form of a bounce.


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