how to prevent amavis from removing Authentication Results?

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Tue May 22 20:10:28 CEST 2012


> when i send from one of my servers a mail to my new mailserver
> with amavis 2.7.1 i see this in the logs
> May 22 16:12:29 mail amavis[3617]: (03617-01) deleted:
> Authentication-Results:; x-dkim-rep=neutral (0)
> May 22 16:12:29 mail amavis[3617]: (03617-01) deleted:
> Authentication-Results:; dkim=pass (1024-bit
> key)\n\ header.b=TbAL96p2; dkim-adsp=pass
> how can i tell amavis TO NOT DELETE this entries?

The Authentication-Results header field is deleted only if its
authserv-id is the same as $myauthservid of the amavisd process.
If the $myauthservid is undefined, the $myhostname is used instead.

RFC 5451:

     authres-header = "Authentication-Results:" [CFWS] authserv-id
              [ CFWS version ]
              ( [CFWS] ";" [CFWS] "none" / 1*resinfo ) [CFWS] CRLF
            ; the special case of "none" is used to indicate that no
            ; message authentication is performed

     authserv-id = dot-atom
                 ; see below for a description of this element

So the simplest solution is to set a config variable $myauthservid
to some string which is different from the authserv-id of the
other application which is inserting the Authentication-Results.
The syntax of $myauthservid should look like a FQDN host name,
but which need not exist in DNS.


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