Disable Spam Checks on Outbound Email

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at ijs.si
Tue May 22 17:57:33 CEST 2012

Patrick wrote:
> 2. dynamic IP
> Sorting senders with dynamic IP out is a little more work. There's no way
> to tell they are local by their IP. So you need to let them send over a
> dedicated port in order to identify them.
> Let users with dynamic IP send over port 587 (submission) in Postfix. Send
> their messages to a differerent port in amavis. Assign that port to a
> policy_bank. Disable spam checking.

Yes, that is the cleanest solution: provide a dedicated submission port
or an entire dedicated mailer for mail submission (MSA), so that amavisd
will know (through a policy bank) that mail originated from a trusted
(implicitly or explicitly authenticated) source which is approved
by an MTA for mail submission.

In case where some clients insist on submitting on port 25, there are
two choices. The cleanest again is a dedicated mailer for mail submission.
If that is not an option, and a post-queue content filtering is acceptable
for such submitted mail, a Postfix magic through its FILTER on sender- or
client- restrictions allows to distuinguish between authenticated and
non-authenticated incoming mail. This is described in:


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