files_lover_maps / banned_checks_maps question

Marko Weber weber at
Tue May 8 12:24:10 CEST 2012


i cant find on the amavis website (or i oversee it) info to

@bypass_banned_checks_maps vs. @banned_files_lovers_maps

What is the difference?

When i do @banned_files_lovers_maps = ( 
['user at' ] );

an .exe file is hold back in quarantäne but mail and a message gets 
thru to the user.

When i do @bypass_banned_checks_maps = ( 
['user at' ] );

The Mail , The attached .exe and a warnmessage gets thru to the user.

How is @banned_files_lovers_maps  used correctly? do i used it 
correctly in example above?

many thanks

marko weber

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