AMaViS doesn't restart normally

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Fri Jun 1 00:10:39 CEST 2012

am 01.06.12 00:00 schrieb Patrick Ben Koetter <p at>:

> * Jim Knuth<jk at>:
>> am 31.05.12 22:58 schrieb<francwalter at>:
>>> Hello
>>> I installed amavisd-new 2.6.5-0ubuntu on my Ubuntu 12.04 Server with Postfix 2.9.1-4, Spamassassin 3.3.1 and ClamAV  and now I am not sure how to restart it correctly.
>>> When I do:
>>> service amavis restart
>>> I get an error:
>>> root at example:~# service amavis restart
>>> Stopping amavisd: (not running).
>>> Starting amavisd: The amavisd daemon is already running, PID: [4307]
>>> (failed).
>>> root at example:~#
>> I've had the same thing on Debian. Have a look at
>> the German postfix list, 3 month ago. ;)
>> The only solution was: Complete delete amavis
>> and new install. Really. Is the fastest way.
> Come on Jim, this ain't Windows! We don't tear down the OS and install it
> again simply because a service does not work as expected.

yes, I know, of course. But, do you not remember? At my case?
Nobody have had a solution for that ..

> What is it that /etc/init/amavis does different from the old-style INIT
> script?

I do not know ..

> p at rick

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