Sophos setup in amavisd.conf

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Mon Jul 30 03:46:30 CEST 2012

I have a machine with Sophos, when I uncommented default Sophos entry,
secondary worked but primary didn't, after some searching, I found a conf
entry that seems to work with Sophos, perhaps that can be added.

I didn't create this entry, not sure who is the original author

['Sophos Anti Virus (savscan)', '/opt/sophos-av/bin/savscan',
  '-nb -f -all -rec -ss -sc -archive -cab -tnef --no-reset-atime {}',
  [0,2], qr/Virus .*? found/,
   qr/^>>> Virus(?: fragment)? '?(.*?)'? found/ ],

[SAV-LINUX] Virus detected during on-demand scan

A virus was detected during an on-demand scan. Details follow:
1 file scanned.
Number of infections detected: 1
Number of infected files detected: 1
/var/amavis/tmp/amavis-20120730T102624-26301-n65AeCMr/parts/p001 is
infected with EICAR-AV-Test.

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