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>> Quanah,
>>  > I'm kind of curious as to whether or not 0MQ is dead.
>>  > I've filed multiple bug reports with them with zero feedback.
>>  > <>
>> Don't know, I hope it's not dead, there have been releases
>> since the fork.
>> But since the fork of a 0MQ project into a Crossroads I/O,
>> with two main developers actively continuing their work there,
>> seems to me the other one has a better prospect. Time will tell.
>> On 2012-07-07 10:53, Steve wrote:
>> > You don't know Quanah! When he wants something then he wants it to be
>> done/ready yesterday.
>> :)
>> Quanah has been very patient with me dragging my feet regarding
>> improving LDAP support. Appreciated.
> Well... I see him often nagging/(requesting) on the dspam mailing list
> for ipv6 support. Last time he even sent a bunch of links for how to
> implement ipv6 into c code. Funny. When I read it I asked my self: he
> took the time to find documentation what needs to be added/changed in c
> code for ipv6 code (in addition to ipv4 code) and this is not the first
> time he is asking for that on the list. And so far no one of the
> community has made anything. And this guy works for EMC/VMware where a
> gazillion of coders are working and he can not provide a small patch
> adding that ipv6 support that he is claiming to be easy to add? Is the
> community not supposed to work that way, that everyone is contributing as
> much as they can?

If one knew Quanah, they might realize he frequently and often contributes 
code back to projects*, as well as donating time to be the release engineer 
for the OpenLDAP project, as well, of course, of doing his day job.

I first asked about DSPAM IPv6 support on 7/18/2011.  I next asked about it 
on 4/23/2012.  I hardly think asking if support has been implemented for a 
significant feature only twice in the span of about a year is being 
particularly pushy.  Taking on IPv6 support for DSPAM, when I (at least at 
the time) had zero capability to do IPv6 in-house did not seem particularly 
wise to me.

*) A small, random sample


quanah at zre-ldap001:~/p4/main/ThirdParty/postfix/src/postfix-2.10-20120422$ 
grep -wi quanah *
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