*users* table question

Antoine Nguyen tonio at ngyn.org
Mon Jul 2 11:02:49 CEST 2012

Le 01/07/2012 22:53, Mark Martinec a écrit :
> Well, yes. You are free to drop a DEFAULT attribute,
> or to provide some neutral policy record with id==1
> during installation.

I prefer the second solution. I guess a policy like the one below (taken 
from README.sql):

INSERT INTO policy (id, policy_name, virus_lover, spam_lover, 
bypass_virus_checks, bypass_spam_checks, spam_modifies_subj, 
spam_tag2_level, spam_kill_level) VALUES (1, 'default', NULL,NULL, 

could be a good choice ?

> Not really intentional. A '1' is not special or reserved.
> The DEFAULT is there for the sole purpose of making
> it easier to add new user records, without having
> to specify a policy_id with each insert for a
> common case.
Ok. So the default policy option is definitively the good one (at least 
for what I want to achieve).

Thanks for your answer!

Antoine Nguyen
Modoboa developer

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