wblist does not appear to be checked

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at ijs.si
Wed Jan 25 19:59:58 CET 2012


> I am using postfix as my MTA and have configured virtual_alias_maps to
> alias in the following fashion:
> user at domain		user at domain, user at sub.domain
> user2 at domain		user2 at domain, user2 at sub.domain
> The purpose being to create an archive of all incoming mail offsite.
> I have configured Amavis with SQL lookups and added white list entries to
> the wblist table with the RID of the domain and the SID of a validated
> sender.
> This setup was not working as the sender had not been whitelisted for all
> recipients (i.e the aliased "user at sub.domain"). I needed to add a
> whitelist entry for this domain too.

Was it supposed to whitelist it to both recipients, or just to an 'archival'
mailbox?  If virtual_alias_maps is performed before mail gets to amavisd
and both recipients are supposed to be whitelisted, then you need
to have two whitelisting entries, one for each domain.

Perhaps it would be more natural to have this expansion happen
after amavisd, implemented by the back-end side of the MTA.
Keep in mind that virtual_alias_maps is implemented by the
cleanup service, not by smtpd. Something along these lines:

# front-end
pickup    fifo  n       -       n       60      1       pickup
   -o cleanup_service_name=pre-cleanup
submission       inet n    -       n       -	-	smtpd
   -o cleanup_service_name=pre-cleanup
smtp            inet n    -       n       -    -       smtpd
   -o cleanup_service_name=pre-cleanup

# back-end
10025    inet n    -       n       -      -       smtpd
    -o cleanup_service_name=post-cleanup

pre-cleanup  unix n	-	n	-	0	cleanup
    -o virtual_alias_maps=...

post-cleanup  unix n	-	n	-	0	cleanup
    -o virtual_alias_maps=...archive-expansion-maps...

Or do the expansion by alias_maps which are implemented by
the 'local' mailbox delivery service.


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