once more: $TEMPBASE dir getting big now solved

Maciej Uhlig maciej.uhlig at us.edu.pl
Wed Jan 18 14:57:46 CET 2012

This is on amavisd 2.7.0 running under Solaris 10. Temporary directories
created under $TEMPBASE are not being deleted. The error is:

2012-01-18T11:06:22+01:00 services/ amavis[20716]: [ID
702911 mail.info] (20716-20) TempDir removal: rmdir_recursively: Can't
remove directory $TEMPBASE/tmp/amavis-20120118T105536-20716-9JFAA0N7:
Invalid argument at ...../amavisd line 3091.

The reason is: amavisd rmdir($dir) of temporary directory fails under
Solaris with 'Invalid argument' when it is issued while the current
working directory is the directory which is to be deleted and this is
the case:

user at host:/tmpdir$ uname -a
SunOS host 5.10 Generic_142909-17 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V890 Solaris
user at host:/tmpdir$ rmdir /tmpdir
rmdir: failed to remove `/tmpdir': Invalid argument
ussr at host:/tmpdir$

The quick fix is to chdir() to $TEMPBASE before rmdir().

Best regards,


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