Messages incorrectly getting quarantined

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Mon Jan 16 18:25:56 CET 2012

> I have a Postfix+Amavisd-new+Spamassassin setup that has been working fine
> for some time now.  Lately though I've had one particular sender having
> messages being quarantined as SPAM, despite the spam score being well
> below the sa_kill_level.  Here is the content analysis details from one of
> the messages.  Could anyone give me some pointers on where to begin
> troubleshooting this?  I am at bit of a loss as to what is causing this.
> As a side note, I do have lots of mail successfully delivering from this
> server.  It just seems to be happening to this one sender (as far as I can
> tell).
> Content analysis details:   (1.9 points, 5.7 required)

Check the log. Besides score points from SpamAssassin, amavisd can add
score points from black/white/soft-listing, bounce killer, pen pals feature,
and @signer_reputation_maps, and @virus_name_to_spam_score_maps.


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