Banned Content Bypass for Clients not fully working here.

Benny Pedersen me at
Thu Jan 12 07:59:57 CET 2012

On Thu, 12 Jan 2012 07:42:58 +0100, Marko Weber wrote:
> Sorry, i dont get it at all.

sorry i belived man emerge tells what --fetch do, it does not install, 
just download the 2.7.0 tarball, i should remember :(

> I have to install 2.7 to make it work?

i think yuor problem is a old amavisd.conf where banned is including 
exe attachment, thats why i suggest take the banned defs from 2.7.0 with 
also works on older amavisd versions

> My installed 2.6.4 cant do that ?

yes it can, but still make sure 2.7.0 defs in amavisd does or not does 
solve problem

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