Help blocking Spam

Patrick Domack patrickdk at
Mon Feb 27 01:49:38 CET 2012

I personally just have a script parse my spam folder each night and  
send them to the learner.

I also can't locate any meaningful info in those emails to id them with.
The magic jack is just one of like 20-30 different variations of that  
spam source.

They are just hacking webservers, and sending the spam from them, and  
looks like they move webservers that they hacked every hour or two.  
Just making blacklisting or tracking it basically impossible.

I did setup my own blacklist, that works kind of like the Z list, that when a spam wave hits, they get blacklisted  
for 5hours, that seems to be working surpisingly well. Not sure  
exactly why the mailspike one isn't working as good. Maybe cause they  
are only basing it on spamtraps? and I'm doing it just based on spam  
average per ip in the last hour.

Quoting Benny Pedersen <me at>:

> Den 2012-02-26 01:53, Elijah Savage skrev:
>> I was hoping someone would recommend which scores they may adjust.
> that would be incorrect to adjust scores, better is to create tests  
> in spamassassin to hit on this specific spams, simplest way is  
> sa-learn --spam msgfile
> i can see you using dspam with amavis ?
> how do you train it ?
> i would like to use dspam in amavis, but so far found  
> dovecot-antispam works with dspam

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