'X-Envelope-From' missing in 2.7.0 ?

Amedeo Rinaldo bajodel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 23:44:04 CET 2012

Il 02/02/2012 20:17, Mark Martinec ha scritto:
>> Running out of ideas.
>> Please send me a log (at log level 5) of such event, if you can capture
>> one.
> Or search by yourself (assuming $log_level = 5):
>    fgrep 'ESMTP<  MAIL FROM:' /var/log/amavisd-debug.log
> Mark

First of all ..thanks of your time..

The issue came out because randomly I've had the need to release a 
quarantine message ..you can easily understand that the release process 
(custom script) could not invent a different sender. :-)  Before I've 
always used the 'X-Envelope-From' header line without any problems (this 
is why I was asking for it in this thread). Anyway, I've already edited 
my little release-script in order to use 'Return-Path' line.. and 
furthermore.. maybe this is not the real source of my little issue.

Mark.. I can try, but first I need to find a better way to capture it 
without "log-level5-debug" all traffic for weeks! :)

.. stay tuned ;-)


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