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R. Morris amavis at rkmorris.us
Mon Dec 31 06:33:16 CET 2012



This is all working now - thanks for your pointers and help.
Thanks very much! The trusted and internal network did work, my issue
was that for some reason I have to restart amavis and spamassassin for
new settings to be taken into use. I can't explain it, but once I did
this things were much more reliable (and your settings worked). 

again for all the help! 

... Russell 

On 2012-12-30 13:45, Cedric
Knight wrote: 

> On 30/12/12 15:11, R. Morris wrote:
>> Hi, First of
all - thanks so much for the help! Much appreciated. Some thoughts,
below. 1) I can ask at spamassassin, but it seems like my spamassassin
settings aren't being used. Does amavis somehow take this over, or
should the spamassassin settings really work? Sounds like a dumb
question I know, but I have tried changing the settings and they don't
seem to be used (and I'm restarting spamassassin and amavis both ...
> Where are you adding the SpamAssassin settings? They should
be in your
> global conf folder (on unix-like systems
> You shouldn't need to restart
spamassassin. Amavis is a Perl program
> that includes that SpamAssassin
Perl libraries
> (/usr/share/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin) directly and
doesn't use the
> spamassassin "spamd" daemon.
> Amavis does ignore
the skip_rbl_checks setting (as I mention it has its
> own setting for
whether to perform remote checks), but AFAIK respects
> just about
everything else in the global .cf files.
> If you're just altering
settings in your local folder (/home/ or
> Users) then Amavis won't read
it. You could try changing a SA rule
> score to check your settings
really are taking.
>> 2) You are correct - it's because my IP is a
dynamic IP, provided by Verizion FIOS. They have added all their IP's to
the blacklist. I just have a backup mail server (at my brother's house),
that forwards email to me when my main server goes down. But I don't
want the email blocked just because it came from FIOS (in fact, one of
the failing RBL checks just says it's a Verizon IP, which I already know
... :-)). 3) Sorry, just trying to understand your last comment (about
internal and trusted networks). Will the previous relays be checked,
just the last one is skipped?
> Yes.
> On 2012-12-30 02:42, Cedric
Knight wrote: Hi Russell On 30/12/12 05:21, R. Morris wrote:

[1] http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/TrustPath
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