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On 07/28/2004 01:13 PM, Mark Martinec wrote:

>> still i want to have my ldap-users be able to have own scorefiles
>> and bayesian databases, so they can score their spam as they want
>> to. (most probably my users don't share the same spam/ham scoring
>> :)) a rewrite of the amavisd-new could should be pretty easy, i just
>> have to add a new configuration option and four lines of code, but i
>> have some security problems here.
> Having per-user SA rules and bayes db is conceptually incompatible 
> with amavisd-new, as SA assumes mail has only one recipient.
> If you need such functionality, you would probably be better by
> disabling spam checks in amavisd and using spamd, or some other setup.
> Or go ahead with your plan, but configure Postfix to split mail into
> one-recipient pieces before sending it to content filter.

Apologies for following up to an eight year old message:  I'm
double-checking here that nothing in the amavisd-new / spamassassin
has changed, and that I should still be looking at disabling amavisd's
internal SA check and doing spam filtering during the delivery phase.

Can anyone confirm?

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