amavisd-new in test frameworks

Alexander Wirt formorer at
Thu Aug 23 17:42:15 CEST 2012

On Thu, 23 Aug 2012, Mark Martinec wrote:

> Alex,
> > Great, here I am.
> > To be able to run ./amavisd -c ./amavisd.conf -T /tmp/av -H /tmp/av -n
> > debug in a fresh extracted tree, the changes in the attached patch are
> > necessary. I am not sure about the parameter nor the used variable name,
> > but that should be easy to change.
> Thanks.
> I generalized it a bit (futureproofing, just in case),
> and chose an -X with an argument, e.g.:
>   amavisd -X no_conf_file_writable_check -c test.conf
> (instead of an -n, which may still be handy in the future)
> See the attached patch (against 2.8.0).
> It also produces a warning on stderr when the option is in use.
Great, that really helps. It seems I missed a block, in after_chroot_init()
around line 11394 should also get added to the execption part.


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