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Alexander Wirt formorer at
Wed Aug 22 16:27:09 CEST 2012

Mark Martinec schrieb am Wednesday, den 22. August 2012:


> > we are currently working on an automatic testframework for amavis.  To get
> > it to work properly from a user I had to patch out a few security checks
> > like ownership or writable checks.
> That's a very good news.
> > Mark: are you interested in patch that makes this checks configurable
> > via commandline parameter? If yes I'll provide such a patch soon.
> Yes, please do!
Great, here I am. 
To be able to run ./amavisd -c ./amavisd.conf -T /tmp/av -H /tmp/av -n debug
in a fresh extracted tree, the changes in the attached patch are necessary. I
am not sure about the parameter nor the used variable name, but that should
be easy to change.

Alexander Wirt, formorer at 
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