permission denied while connecting to amavisd-milter

Igor Zinovik zinovik.igor at
Tue Aug 14 12:08:20 CEST 2012


I'm trying to deploy amavisd-new-2.7.0-75.3 with postfix postfix-2.8.11-147.1
on openSuSE 12.1

My problem is that amavisd-milter creates socket with rwxr-x-r-x rights and
postfix cannot communicate with it.  It complains that it cannot connect:
Aug 14 13:46:53 mailserv postfix/smtpd[2758]: warning: connect to
Milter service unix:/var/spool/amavis/amavisd-milter.sock: Permission

I added postfix to `vscan' group and added write permission on socket file
after that things work like expected, but when I restart amavisd service
everything brakes again.

Is there any option in amavisd-new that controls milter socket permissions?
Or maybe I should run amavisd under posfix user?

I know that I can simply switch to IP socket and everything would work, but
how should it be fixed correctly?

Maybe my package is too old...

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