Amavis just stops and exits

Alex mysqlstudent at
Thu Apr 26 21:10:20 CEST 2012


> You could try running amavisd in foreground with strace (records system calls) until the error occurs. Maybe then you can extract from the end of the logs of what is going wrong.
> For example: "strace amavisd foreground >strace-amavisd.log 2>&1"
> But be carful, the log file size will increase very fast.

Yeah, I'm not sure that's practical for that reason. I'm also not sure
I'd need the strace, but instead just the regular amavisd logging?

> Btw. I had a similar problem where amavisd would not reload as I forget to set the group id of the /etc/amavisd.conf to the user under which amavisd is running in our environment.

If it ran for only the last week or so and started to do this, I might
suspect something like this, but it's been running for months without
a problem.

It also runs for at least a week before it even happens at all.


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