restarting amavis as Postfix SMTP proxy

Stefan Jakobs stefan at
Thu Apr 26 15:38:15 CEST 2012

Mark Martinec:
> is available since version 2.7.0.
> It is extensively documented in release notes,
> search for a 'reload' (several of them).
> In summary:
> - a re-purposed command line option 'reload' now does a warm restart,
>   keeping sockets available to an MTA client at all times, thus reducing
>   a chance that an MTA would even notice a content filter's warm restart.
> [...]
> - a command line option 'reload' has been re-purposed to function as a
>   warm restart: it now sends a HUP signal to a running daemon, then exits.
>   A running daemon upon receiving a HUP signal will clone its sockets,
>   clear their 'close-on-exec' flag, then restart itself through exec().
>   A reborn daemon inherits open sockets, does a normal startup (loading
>   perl modules and config files), then reassociates inherited sockets
>   with configured inet and Unix socket names, which is why these must
>   not be changed in a configuration file between reloads.
>   Sockets remain open and available to clients during the whole warm-restart
> period, requests are queued by kernel (queue size is configurable through
> $listen_queue_size, defaulting to SOMAXCONN, or there may not be any queues
> at all when an IP stack is using SYN cookies), so apart from a delay in
> connection establishment, an MTA client will not notice a restart as long
> as the IP stack is willing to accept new sessions (as controlled by listen
> queue size or SYN cookies). This makes the reloading method particularly
> suitable for pre-queue filter setups.
> [...]

I'm using amavisd-new 2.7.0 and still get queue file write errors. The log 

amavis[30102]: (30102-09) _WARN: dns: select failed: Interrupted system call 
at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.10.0/Mail/SpamAssassin/ line 
amavis[15057]: (!)Net::Server: 2012/04/26-15:00:06 HUP'ing server
amavis[30214]: (30214-08) (!)ESMTP ABORTING: Connection broken during DATA: 
Interrupted system call at (eval 119) line 205, <GEN67> line 457.
amavis[30214]: (30214-08) size: 0, TIMING [total 69977 ms] - SMTP greeting: 1 
(0%)0, SMTP EHLO: 0 (0%)0, SMTP pre-MAIL: 0 (0%)0, SMTP pre-DATA-flush: 4 
(0%)0, rundown: 69971 (100%)100
amavis[30214]: (30214-08) (!)ESMTP: NOTICE: ABORTING the session: Connection 
broken during DATA: Interrupted system call at (eval 119) line 205, <GEN67> 
line 457.
amavis[15057]: perl=5.010000, user=65, EUID: 65 (65);  group=, EGID: 110 
110 (110 110)
amavis[15057]: warm restart on HUP [15057]: '/usr/sbin/amavisd start', 
sockets: 4||10024|TCP

What's the problem here?
> Mark


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