Weird error with SQL lookups in amavisd

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Fri Apr 13 02:49:21 CEST 2012


> I upgraded my smtp box from Fedora 13 to Fedora 15, also upgraded amavisd
> in the process.
> According to amavisd, I'm now at 2.6.6, and I keep getting the following
> errors:
> Apr 12 15:07:02 smtp amavis[10332]: (10332-02) (!)lookup_sql: Can't use an
> undefined value as an ARRAY reference at (eval 78) line 257, <GEN20> line
> 3., ,
> Apr 12 15:07:02 smtp amavis[10332]: (10332-02) (!!)TROUBLE in
> process_request: Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at
> (eval 78) line 257, <GEN20> line 3. at (eval 78) line 282, <GEN20> line 3.
> Apr 12 15:07:02 smtp amavis[10332]: (10332-02) (!)Requesting process
> rundown after fatal error
> Now, I don't know which eval this is, but I'm pretty sure, it's the one
> from line 9568 in sub process_request, from package Amavis.
> I've got $lookup_sql_dsn configured with workable connection data, so the
> eval mentioned above will use the SQL bits from line 9633 onwards. One of
> them must throw the error... Don't know which one though...
> If you want to see my table structure, I can certainly get a picture out,
> but it is the one detailed in the attached sql file.
> Anybody seen this or has a solution, or even a way of figuring out what
> Perl actually means to say with "eval 78" <GEN20>, line 257, line 282, or
> line 3?

Lines 257 and 282 are relative to a package Amavis::Lookup::SQLfield,
counting from a __DATA__ line.

Search forward for:
  sub lookup_sql(
then search backwards for:
then go down 257 lines, arriving at or near:
      $match = {}; @$match{@names} = @$a_ref;

The 282 then corresponds to a
    die $err;
a bit further down, which caught the eval failure and
propagated it further.

This is the area in question:

    $conn_h->execute($sel, at pos_args);  # do the query
    # fetch query results
    while ( defined($a_ref=$conn_h->fetchrow_arrayref($sel)) ) {
      my(@names) = @{$conn_h->sth($sel)->{NAME_lc}};
      $match = {}; @$match{@names} = @$a_ref;
      if ($self->{clause_name} eq 'sel_policy' &&
          !exists $match->{'local'} && $match->{'email'} eq '@.') {
  } or do {
    my($err) = $@ ne '' ? $@ : "errno=$!";  chomp $err;
    do_log(-1, "lookup_sql: %s, %s, %s", $err, $DBI::err, $DBI::errstr);
    die $err  if $err =~ /^timed out\b/;  # resignal timeout
    die $err;

> lookup_sql: Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference
> at (eval 78) line 257

Puzzling. The   "while (defined($a_ref..."   should ensure that
we only enter the loop when $a_ref is defined, yet the @$a_ref
appparently thinks it is undefined. I could be wrong by a line or two,
but this is the area that needs to be investigated. I don't see
what could be wrong there, nor do I remember seeing a similar report.

Perhaps adding a couple of calls to do_log in that area would
shed some light on the problem.

Btw, which version of perl is running now, and which version
of amavisd was running before the upgrade.


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