with final_virus_destiny=D_DISCARD, message is still quarantined WITH payload. how to prevent, and delete?

locuse at mm.st locuse at mm.st
Thu Apr 12 00:44:15 CEST 2012


i'm running amavis+clamav in a zimbra install

when a virus-payload-containing message is received/detected at my
server, i want to:

    (1) discard/delete the virus message & payload
    (2) have ONE notification of the virus detection/discard, sent to my
    server 'admin' account
    (3) have NO notice sent to either intended recipient or sender
    (4) NOT have the virus payload archived/stored anywhere on my
    server. i just want it deleted, immediately and quietly.

per a chat in #irc, i've ensured that in amavis.conf,

	final_virus_destiny == D_DISCARD

testing with an eicar.com.zip-containing message, I currently get

  (1) a message sent to my 'admin' account,


  (2) a message sent to my 'virus quarantine' account, WITH the Virus
  payload still attached

i suspect that (1) is a zimbra-config issue, but for (2), likely amavis

is there a specific amavis config change that'll ensure that the
virus-payload is NOT quarantined/archived, but rather permanently
it appears that "final_virus_destiny" is not sufficient.


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