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Gary V mr88talent at
Thu Sep 29 04:30:37 CEST 2011

On 9/28/11, Jakob Curdes <jc at> wrote:
> Am 28.09.2011 22:55, schrieb Van Isle BC Web Solutions:
>> # Allow incoming UDP ports
>> *UDP_IN *=
>> # Allow outgoing UDP ports
>> # To allow outgoing traceroute add 33434:33523 to this list
>> *UDP_OUT *=
> I think the firewalling issue is a bit out-of-scope for this list. You
> cant try to disable the firewall completely, i.e. open it, wait for
> incoming mail, and see if the result differs from the closed firewall
> case. If it does, you have a firewall issue.
>>> Anything else I can do? Am I doing it wrong?  I'm not sure where or
>>> how to find my avisd-new config files using putty to deactivate it.
>>> I tried ls -a amisd-new but the file didn't come up.
> The config file is usually /etc/amavisd.conf .
> BUT the DCC check is not configured in this config file as it is not
> called by amavisd directly, rather the check is invoked by spamassassin
> which in turn is invoked by amavis. Do the following:
> "locate"
> Hopefully you will see one ore several file locations, the actual
> relevant configuration file should reside in /etc, for my installation
> it is
> /etc/mail/spamassassin/ .
> Once you have found this file, edit it with your favorite editor and
> check for occurence of a line like
> use_dcc 1
> If you find it, set it to
> use_dcc 0
> If it is not present, add a line
> use_dcc 0
> Now the DCC lookup will be disabled. But please be aware that this
> reduces the quality of your spam check, the better way would be to check
> why the DCC server request fails. Probably this would be a task for the
> consultant who installed and configured the system.
> Best regards,
> Jakob Curdes

Just some notes on DCC and firewall issues:

It appears the server listens on port 6277, but the client may use any
port >1023 to connect to it and must be able to listen to the reply on
any ports >1023.


DCC client-server traffic consists of UDP packets from arbitrary and
usually changing port numbers on the DCC client to port 6277 on the
DCC server and packets from port 6277 on the server returning to
arbitrary ports on the client.

You might also try this command useful after making changes:

cdcc rtt

I believe the servers will greylist you if you connect to it but do
not accept the replies.

Gary V

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