Too much spam

Jari Fredriksson jarif at
Wed Sep 21 05:57:16 CEST 2011

21.9.2011 6:09, Julio Cesar Covolato kirjoitti:
> Hi.
> How can I fine tune spamassassin to block more spam?
> I instaled iRedMail-0.6.1 in an ubuntu 10.04, amavisd-new-2.6.5
> (20110407), dell Xeon 4 core whith sas disks
> The sistem is well working , very fast, but too much spam!
> Today i installed pyzor and razor and no mutch diference in amount of
> spam droped in clients mailbox!!!
> Working whith +-80.000 messages recived and +-30.000 messages sent by day.
> Any hints?

Post to Spamassassin Users list and ask there.

Have a local caching nameserver, allow network tests (should be
default), and try somehow train your Bayes. I understand that Bayes may
be hard to manage in a multiuser system, but Bayes is important.

I use SpamAssassin for my personal mail only, and I have 0.01% of Spam
in my Inbox.


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