Which interface for sql connection?

Peter Huetmannsberger huetmann at violine.at
Tue Sep 20 18:13:28 CEST 2011

Hello Mark,

thank you for your answer. (More below)

On Tue, 20 Sep 2011, Mark Martinec wrote:

> Peter,
>> yesterday I had a very weird phenomenon. I activated a new
>> network interface, which happened to be eth0.
>> After that amavisd didn't work anymore, because the user
>> amavis at newIPadress was not allowed to connect to the mysqlDB.
>> I was suprised to see that amavis does not try to connect to the DB via
>> Is there something wrong with my setup, or is there a place where I can
>> define which IPaddress (it's all running on the same server, which happens
>> to have 3 network interfaces) the daemon uses to connect to the DB?
> How are your @lookup_sql_dsn and/or @storage_sql_dsn defined?
> The host name (or its IP address) declared there (as part of a data set name)
> usually also determines the source IP address, but the exact logic is left
> for the kernel or a TCP/IP stack to decide. If the specified host is
> or 'localhost' or '::1', it is most likely the source IP address will also
> belong to a loopback interface.
> Currently there is no way in DBI->connect() to force a source IP address,
> but there is rarely any need for that.

@lookup_sql_dsn =
    ( ['DBI:mysql:database=mail;host=;port=3306', 'amavis',
 			'password_not_shown'] );

@storage_sql_dsn = @lookup_sql_dsn;

host returns localhost

yet in the logs I got:

connect_to_sql: unable to connect to DSN 
'DBI:mysql:database=mail;host=;port=3306': Access denied for user 

the interface eth0 is configured for

Very strange. There is no mention whatsoever of that IPaddress in the 

Turning off that interface made it work again (obviously). I am rather 
amazed about this behaviour, but I am sure it is a problem beyond amavis.

Thanks again,


>  Mark


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