Submission clients bypass MYNETS policy

Alex mysqlstudent at
Mon Sep 19 23:54:07 CEST 2011


>> I have set up an amavisd-new with postfix/spamassassin on fedora15.
>> I'm trying to set up a disclaimer footer using amavisd because I also
>> need always_bcc, and was having a problem with postfix duplicating the
>> messages as a result.
>> Webmail now properly attaches the disclaimer footer using my amavisd
>> config, but somehow submission clients are bypassing the MYNETS
>> policy, which is where "allow_disclaimers = 1" is set.
>> Here's a snapshot from the logs. "" is the remote host
>> and "" is the amavisd host.
> Deliver submission mail to amavis on a decicated amavis port. Map that port to
> a policy bank e.g. MYNETS.

Can you guide me to where I can find information on how to do that?

Thanks so much for your help.

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