critsend (/gridsend?)... what's the(ir) trick?

Yanek postmaster at
Sat Sep 17 23:55:31 CEST 2011

Thanks to both of you :)
Comment below...

Le 17/09/2011 06:32, Gary V a écrit :
> On 9/16/11, Gary V wrote:
>> On 9/16/11, Noel Jones wrote:
>>> On 9/16/2011 5:12 PM, Yanek wrote:
>>>> Does someone has any idea on how these SMTP providers manage to have
>>>> their outgoing mails escape SA scoring?
>>> Check your logs.
>>> Possibilities include (but are probably not limited to):
>>> - it *is* scanned but not adding headers for some reason on your end

Indeed, I checked my logs and it was actually scanned...

>>> - you've whitelisted them
>>> - mail exceeds your max scan size
>>> - the mail doesn't pass through amavisd due to some configuration on
>>> your end
>>> If you don't see anything interesting, increase the log level.
>>> There is no secret bypass flag.
>>>   -- Noel Jones
>> If these seem to come from the same sender, you can turn up debugging
>> for the first message they send after restarting amavisd-new:
>> @debug_sender_maps = ( ['sender at'] );
>> this will turn debugging level up to 5 for the one message.
> Oh yeah, and the most common reason you do not get headers is because
> the recipient domain is not considered 'local' (it's not included in
> @local_domains_maps).

Correct; this domain was not in @local_domain_acl
I fixed this and the tags are now displayed.
Special thanks to Gary, you got the answers to my 2 questions (so far)
in no time :)

One additional one, which of @local_domains_maps or @local_domain_acl is
the newest directive?
(ie: Will I have to switch from acl to maps when I'll upgrade amavis?)


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