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>> In looking further through how to set up quarantining, it looks like
>> while sender-quarantine and recip-quarantine are both defined in amavisd,
>> there are no corresponding "$sender_quarantine_to",
>> "$recip_quarantine_to", "$sender_quarantine_maps", and
>> "$recip_quarantine_maps" variables.  I've been walking through the Amavis
>> code and the custom module that Mark suggested I use, and it seems this
>> is the critical problem for creating the setup I need -- Archiving all
>> mail to and from a particular user to a specific mailbox.
>> Correspondingly, it seems like there should be LDAP attributes for this
>> as well:
>> amavisSenderQuarantineTo
>> amavisRecipQuarantineTo
>> Then theoretically you could even separate outgoing vs incoming mail into
>> different boxes for a user as well.
>> Mark, does this seem the correct line of thought to you?
> Mark,
> Would you be able to provide me some possible direction on the correct
> way to go with this?  Your original suggestion does not allow me to
> replicate the behavior of the patch we had previously used.  I think many
> places would find the ability to configure amavis to archive a copy all
> email to and from a given user into a specific mailbox particularly
> useful, and done in a way other than a patch you find objectionable. ;)

Hi Mark,

Now that you are back from your vacation, can you give me any pointers here?



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