Redirect out-bound SPAM to inside server

Peter Sørensen maspsr at
Wed Sep 7 22:14:54 CEST 2011


I have a question concerning use of Amavis::Custom to redirect mail sent from my internal network.

In between user account are misused to send out spam. We don't reject mail coming from MYNETWORKS
if it is SPAM. We probably should but have decided not to do right now, mostly because this is'nt a problem
with regular users.

BUT this is beginning to be a problem. So I would like to redirect SPAM to  a different server which will queue
this for later processing

I have a DUAL postfix setup.

Can I let amavis handle this so OUT-BOUND mail classified as SPAM is redirected to this server ? Maybe using Amavis::Custom ?

Best regards

Peter Sørensen/Univ Of Southern Denmark/email:maspsr at

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