Block auto-replies to spam

francis picabia fpicabia at
Wed Oct 19 16:36:28 CEST 2011

We reject some inbound mail with postfix, based on block lists,
reverse DNS returning nothing, or similar tests.  But we don't kill
any spam inbound as tagged by spamassassin with amavisd.
We leave that to the users to filter in their mail client.

On outbound, we don't pass it through SA, but we do scan for viruses.

Most of the email sitting in our outbound queue is undeliverable
auto-replies.  Many of them are already tagged as spam on
the inbound pass through our SA.

Is it possible to have amavis kill auto replies when there
is an existing spam tag in the email?

Looking at the deferred auto replies, I see headers such as these
from the inbound pass, within the rfc822 attachment:

X-Spam-Flag: YES
X-Spam-Score: 15.418
X-Spam-Level: ***************

Maybe we should look at killing it on inbound, but it would require
more of a policy discussion.

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