How to create spam score list for sample email messages

Sharma, Ashish ashish.sharma3 at
Mon Oct 10 17:35:32 CEST 2011


I have a mail receiving setup where in Postfix (2.6.6) is the MTA and then I have amavisd-new (with spamassassin and CLamAV) as content filter.

I have enabled spam report header in my amavisd-new conf file.

I want to create a report of sample emails with the spam scores generated in accordance with permissible limits after deploying the spamassassin updated rulesets.

For that I am trying out on a shell script providing with my test email messages to the following (with following command):

spamassassin -C /etc/amavisd.conf -e --progress < testemail.eml

and be able to create a report, that would enlist the spam scores of all email messages that have been parsed by the above tool.

Is it possible?, actually I am unable to generate the spam scores in any output form via the above command to be added in the report.

Moreover I am using amavisd-new config file here, is it a right approach?

Will the above command affect any kind of Bayesian learning of the spamassassin setup ?, I don't want to do that.

Ashish Sharma

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