Freebsd Users: Mail-SpamAssassin update available

Michael Scheidell michael.scheidell at
Tue Nov 29 13:24:49 CET 2011

For you Freebsd users of SpamAssassin.  I have posted an update to 

Major change includes the back porting of the updated module from 
SA 3.4.0
This update beings increased performance and reliability, as well as 
supporting both the commercial(private) and non-commercial(public) DCC 

As a background, DCC <> 
automatically scores BULK EMAIL (not SPAM!), some bulk is NOT spam, some 
spam is not BULK, but is very useful in catching zero day BULK email, 
and has less overhead than similar numbers of rbl lookups.

The commercial version also scores percentage of BULK vs NON BULK, 
allowing you to catch zombies in training.

As you know, DCC is dual licensed, similar to spamhaus and other major 
Free for non-commercial use, up to 100K queries per day, licenses 
available for > 100K.

One difference, if you are an ISP, and only serving your clients, you 
can get support for running your own local DCC server(s) for free.

to update:  use portupgrade/portmanager, make deinstall reinstall for 
package p5-Mail-SpamAssassin.
Updated dcc-cddd port is available on Freebsd.  Other distributions do 
not all include updated dcc source due to the licensing issue, but it is 
available on their web site.

Happy SpamHunting.

ps, if you have any problems with the Freebsd SA update, email me.  I am 
the ports maintainer for the Freebsd SA port.
Michael Scheidell, CTO
o: 561-999-5000
d: 561-948-2259
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