Mailzu - There was an error executing your query - after 2.7.0 SQL changes

Gary V mr88talent at
Sun Nov 27 19:23:31 CET 2011

On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 11:01 AM, Gary V wrote:
> I updated an SQL database per release notes in 2.7.0
> :
>  The following SQL directives can be used to add these new fields:
>    ALTER TABLE msgrcpt ADD rseqnum     integer  DEFAULT 0   NOT NULL;
>    ALTER TABLE msgrcpt ADD content     char(1)  DEFAULT ' ' NOT NULL;
>    ALTER TABLE msgrcpt ADD is_local    char(1)  DEFAULT ' ' NOT NULL;
>    ALTER TABLE msgs    ADD originating char(1)  DEFAULT ' ' NOT NULL;
> and now when initially logging into Malzu, I was getting an error on
> the Summary page "There was an error executing your query:". I looked
> in the mailzu log and executed the query manually and got:
> ERROR 1052 (23000): Column 'content' in field list is ambiguous
> So, for the benefit of others,  the fix was to make it unambiguous in
> DBEngine.class.php - also one other small fix is included here:
> cp DBEngine.class.php DBEngine.class.php.original
> sed -i 's/dbtype/dbType/' DBEngine.class.php
> sed -i 's/COUNT(content)/COUNT(msgs.content)/' DBEngine.class.php
> sed -i 's/WHERE content=/WHERE msgs.content=/' DBEngine.class.php

Any query where 'content' is used will give the error in MySQL. I
noticed there are a lot of examples of queries that use the plain
'content' field in both and It appears that neither of
these documents were updated to reflect the changes mentioned in
release notes. Possibly an unfortunate choice of field name was added
to msgrcpt?

Gary V

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