central amavis machine for in and outbound

Helga Mayer helga.mayer at uni-hohenheim.de
Thu Nov 17 19:39:53 CET 2011

Quoting Tobias Hachmer <lists at kokelnet.de>:

> Am 07.11.2011 20:31, schrieb Tobias Hachmer:
>> Hello
>> does it make sense or does anyone got such an environment productive:
>> - one or two MX for several domains(seperate machines)

2 for all domains, same priority.

>> - one or two MTAs only for outbound mail purpose(seperate machines)

no, inbound=outbound, except for webservices, due to abuse

>> - one(or maybe two) central amavis machine(powerful) the 2-4 e.g.
>> postfix machines uses for pre-queue-filtering

yes, pre-queue-filtering on each mx.
Config files are synchronised by cfengine

No separate amavis machine.

>> Does such a scenario make sense?

The problem: there have to be sufficient amavis processes for the
smtpd processes.

In my opinion its easier to balance amavis and smtpd processes if there
is one amavisd(server) for each mx. Also: if one amavisd fails there
is still a second server.

>> Are there any pros or cons?

Depends, if you reject the bots before content filtering
you won't have much problems. It helps to mount /var/amavis/tmp
on tmpfs.

Pros of prequeue filtering: No quarantaine, no phish in mailboxes.
In case of false positives the sender will (most probably) know.
And no forwarded spammails.

Helga Mayer

>> Please let me take a part of your experiences and sentiments...

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