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I run two mail setups. Exactly the same configured. One is a test setup,
the other one is production.

I do not use amavis for DKIM sign/verify stuff. Instead I switched over
to OpenDKIM.

Now the problem:

Sending from the production machine to the test server, I verify the
headers and can see a X-DKIM-Header. But no Authentication results.

Sending from the test machine to the production server, the headers are

Both mail header contain of course the DKIM signature, but the headers
are not added on the test machine.

I use three milters in incoming direction. I disabled all but the
OpenDKIM one. Then the headers are added. I activate a second milter and
still the headers are there. But by adding amavis as the last milter,
the headers disappear.

The only difference I can see is that the test system is Ubuntu Lucid on
32 bit, while the production machine is on 64 bit.

As said before: The configuration files are the same.

Which amavis options could affect removing headers? I have this in my
config file:

$remove_existing_x_scanned_headers    = 1;
$remove_existing_spam_headers         = 1;
$allow_fixing_improper_header_folding = 1;
$allow_fixing_long_header_lines       = 1;

# OpenDKIM
$enable_dkim_verification             = 0;
$enable_dkim_signing                  = 0;

I also commented out the first 4 lines, but this does not change
anything. I am a little bit stuck right now :-)

Best wishes
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