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Gary V mr88talent at
Sat May 28 02:49:08 CEST 2011

On 5/27/11, Oberdan Albertoni <obe at> wrote:
> Il 27/05/2011 16:22, Oberdan Albertoni ha scritto:
>> Il 27/05/2011 15:46, Michael Scheidell ha scritto:
>>> On 5/27/11 7:52 AM, Oberdan Albertoni wrote:
>>>> Hi I do not understand why despite having a set spam_kill_level = 4.5
>>>> this email, with Hits: 4.751
>>>> is able to go through the following ta
>>> it did exactly what you told it to do.
>>> it tagged it as spam.  the 'kill_level' is not really the level at
>>> which it is KILLED.
>>> if you want suspected spam sent to your MTA to process the headers,
>>> then look for the x-spam-flag header.
>>> if you want email like this quarantined, then adjust your settings so
>>> that anything > 4.5 is quarantined, not just flagged.
>>> (read amavis documentation)
>> No, I want the anything > 4.5 are not sending, but blocked.
>> Tank you.
> Sorry, but I have nother question, what is the 'level' at witch is
> KILLED if is not the 'kill_level' ?
> By Obe.
> --
> Oberdan Albertoni

Spam to these two recipients were passed on to Postfix:
<owner-digicolor-list at>
<scivac12 at>

To these recipients it was blocked.
<prefix0108 at>
<safe120 at>
<safe397 at>
<salino40 at>
<scrfced at>

Are you using per-recipient settings of any kind (LDAP, SQL, hash
lookup, etc)? If so, what is different between
owner-digicolor-list at and safe120 at (for
example). It does seem odd to me. My guess is that
owner-digicolor-list at and scivac12 at may
be listed in @spam_lovers_maps? You might send a spammy message (one
that will score over 4.5) to owner-digicolor-list at and
safe120 at with debugging turned up by placing the
sender in @debug_sender_maps:

@debug_sender_maps = ( [qw( debug at )] );

Gary V

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