Notify Sender when a virus is detected

Gary V mr88talent at
Tue May 24 04:08:33 CEST 2011

> On 5/23/11 2:22 PM, Damien Robinet wrote:
> I would put into this policy a rule for notify my customer if they
> have send a virus and I've block the mail.
> I would not notify a sender outside my network.
> Mail from the internet to my network go to amavis with another port:)

I think if it's a virus it could still fake sender address regardless
of whether it comes from trusted networks or authenticated clients. I
think if it is smart enough to be able to relay through your server,
it would at least be smart enough to attempt forging the sender
address. Same applies to spam or banned files that are created by
spambots/malware or whatever.

Gary V

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