Notify Sender when a virus is detected

Damien Robinet damien at
Mon May 23 20:22:10 CEST 2011

Dear Michael,

Thank for your reply.

I would only notify the sender if that is a mail from my network to
the internet.

When a customer would send a mail, they must be authentificate to the smtp.
I check with postfix a perl script that the "from" are correct with
the smtp login, if yes, I give "dounno" to postfix with and I fix a
transport map.

The transport would send the mail to a specific port to another server
who I've a postfix with amavis.
Amavis receive the mail a specific policy and to my policy, i fix the
forward_method and other rules.

I would put into this policy a rule for notify my customer if they
have send a virus and I've block the mail.

I would not notify a sender outside my network.
Mail from the internet to my network go to amavis with another port :)

Sorry for my english.

Bests Regards,

2011/5/23 Michael Scheidell <michael.scheidell at>:
> 90% of all viruses use a forged from address.. you will be notifying the
> wrong person if this is for external senders.
> please let us know your ip address blocks so we can blacklist you now for
> backscattering all those forged viruses back to people who didn't send them.
> it will save us the trouble of reporting you to your ISP and having you
> blacklisted at
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