Spamassassin configuration files not working

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Fri May 13 16:39:09 CEST 2011

> > white and blacklisting (basic and DKIM-based),
> something new?

Not new.

> this isn't sql based, is it using mailaddr and wb tables, is it?

Right, the DKIM-based white and blacklisting is not SQL-based.

> how does amavis dkim based whitelisting differ from SA
> whitelist_from_auth? (ish)

It is similar - when used for whitelisting.

The DKIM-based @signer_reputation_maps just contributes
score points based on a statically configured signing domain reputation.
Roughly equivalent to SpamAssassin's AWL, but based on a signing
domain name instead of an IP address and sender.

The DKIM-based @author_to_policy_bank_maps can be used for
plain whitelisting (like whitelist_from_dkim), but is more flexible,
as all it does is load a policy bank based on a signing domain,
and that policy can bring any signing domain -specific settings,
like changing banning rules, different spam thresholds, changed
forwarding server, ...


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