Spamassassin configuration files not working

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Fri May 13 15:04:50 CEST 2011


> > See @sa_username_maps (as above). Just switching SQL username
> > for the purpose of Bayes is not too bad (compared to switching
> > user preferences).
>  reading again your post I'm afraid I missed something. The questions
>  are:

>  - is there any other possibility then @sa_username_maps to switch user
>  preferences in current amavis?

No - if what you have in mind is the user preferences as seen by SpamAssassin.

But amavisd itself offers several per-recipient setting, of which
SpamAssassin need not be aware of. For example the tag2 and kill levels
(roughly equivalent to 'required_hits'), bypassing of spam checks,
white and blacklisting (basic and DKIM-based), Subject modification,
adding spam reports, defanging. All these features work correctly on a
per-recipient level, even for multi-recipient messages and even though
SpamAssassin is called only once per message.

If you need more complex user preferences that are only offered by
SpamAssassin, then you need this new feature of the latest 2.7.0-pre15.

>  - amavis SA users preferences (scores, bayesean configuration, headers
>  modification etc.) may be stored in an SQL db?

Yes, most of these features (not all). As per amavis release notes:

  According to SpamAssassin documentation, a user preferences file or SQL
  preferences can include scoring options, scores, whitelists and blacklists,
  etc. If 'allow_user_rules' is enabled (, then user preferences
  file can also include rule definitions and privileged settings - but not
  administrator settings.

This is a standard SpamAssassin feature, it's just that an interface
to it was not available from amavisd. See files sql/README and
sql/userpref_mysql.sql in the SpamAssassin standard distribution.


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