[ Re: Customized policy fields for Amavid-new]

admin at goldenpages.ua admin at goldenpages.ua
Wed Mar 16 15:55:24 CET 2011

Mark Martinec ?????:
> Sergey,
>> Hi list! Everyone saw an example policy for amavisd-new , so my
>> questions are: Can I add my own fields to this table
>> (message_size_limit,bounce_message, etc)
>> Will Amavisd understand customized fields, or it's impossible without
>> code  modification ( developing plugins,scripts,sources modification) ?
> You may add arbitrary additional filelds to table 'policy',
> amavisd will just ignore them - but they are available
> through lookups for custom code, as entire SQL records
> matching a query are read and cached for later by-field retrieval.
>   Mark
Thanks Mark, but if I want to customize scores for SA rules, how can I 
Attach score tables to the certain policy?
Force SA to use scores from that MySQL table arbitrary fields ?
And should I use Amavis::Custom for everything mentioned above, and how 
to do this ?

Best regards, Sergey.

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