Amavisd logging question

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Thu Mar 10 13:59:11 CET 2011


> Well, it looks like it got better, only about 100 of these "ch..." type
> entries in the past 24 hours.  Here is a sample from this afternoon:
> Mar  9 14:07:51 mail ch20-21366-20)[21366]: (21366-20) Passed SPAM...
> Mar  9 14:22:09 mail ch21-21366-21)[21366]: (21366-21) Passed CLEAN...
> Mar  9 14:27:30 mail ch22-21366-22)[21366]: (21366-22) Passed SPAM...

Thanks for testing. I check the XS code in the Unix::Syslog module,
and it seems to properly deal with the ident argument of openlog,
i.e. it makes a copy of the SV object and passes a pointer to that
copy to syslog(3). But checking the Changes file of this module,
indeed it had problems there - but that was fixed in January 2002.

Which version of Unix::Syslog do you have?
  $ perl -le 'use Unix::Syslog; print Unix::Syslog->VERSION'


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