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Mon Mar 7 18:47:25 CET 2011

* alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca <alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca>:
> I don't care what the text of the tag is -- just that it exists.
> Make it shorter i.e. [Amavis].

Changing a subject: header and adding a list footer breaks DKIM signatures.

The DKIM people are currently adressing this to allow for better mailing list
policies in DKIM options, but for the moment a list admin only has two
- add footer and alter the subject line and break a valid DKIM signature
  risking low deliverability
- don't add footer and leave the subject as it is and leave valid DKIM
  signatures intact and thus get better deliverability

We have choosen no to break DKIM signatures, get good reputation for that with
high traffic mail providers and - in the end - go for better deliverabilty.

Please use other criteria, maybe in combination, to handle messages from
amavis-users at amavis.org as you like to.

p at rick

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