Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Mon Mar 7 15:52:38 CET 2011

Members of the mailing list amavis-user @ SF, please read!

The last week's one day outage of the amavis-user mailing list at
the SourceForge reminded me that there were similar events in the past,
but more importantly that I dislike the advertisement which SourceForge
mailing list appends to each message, and that the mailing list is not
transparent, i.e. by changing passed messages the original sender's
DKIM signatures are broken.

I had a standing offer by Christian Bricart, the owner of the domain, to re-purpose this domain to service the amavisd-new project.
On December 2008 all the developers and main contributors of different
branches of AMaViS (AMaViS shell script, amavis-perl, Amavis 0.3.*,
amavisd(-snapshot), AMaViS-ng, and me) agreed with Christian's proposal
and stated they do not intend to continue working on stale branches.
In Christian's own words:

> Dear current and former developers within the AMaViS project,
> if anyone has objections, I'd like to declare amavisd-new "the one and
> only" branch and let all other branches officially die and r.i.p.
> I'll come to an arrangement with Mark in private about his Site moving in
> at (@Mark: if you like, of course ;-) ).
> So it would be like in the early ages of Netscape/Mozilla who stated:
> "It's spelled Netscape, but it's pronounced Mozilla..".
>               ^^^^^^^^                      ^^^^^^^^
>             (amavisd-new)                   (AMaViS)
> Please raise your hands for comments (or retreat into silence forever ;-))

Btw, my preferred spelling nowadays is Amavis (instead of AMaViS) when
referring generally to the whole project. I use 'amavisd' when referring
to the actual amavisd-new daemon, and 'amavisd-new' when referring to
my branch of Amavis, but I'll need to learn calling it just the 'Amavis'.

The other offer which I'm accepting now, is by Patrick Ben Koetter and
Ralf Hildebrandt (the authors of "The Book of Postfix"), and the offer is
to move the amavis-user at mailing list to their site,
where will be hosted together with . The move
is being coordinated with Christian Bricart and Rainer Link, moderators
of the amavis-user @ SF mailing list.

The plan is to subscribe all current mailing list members to the new list,
then restrict/close postings to the old list and unsubscribe members from
the old list.

Old list name:
  amavis-user at

New list name:
  amavis-users at  (note the change: user -> users !)

List-Id: <>
List-Archive: <>
List-Post: <mailto:amavis-users at>
List-Help: <mailto:amavis-users-request at>
List-Archive: <>
  <mailto:amavis-users-request at>
  <mailto:amavis-users-request at>

All mail coming from the mailing new list will be signed by a DKIM
signature of a domain If you'd like to whitelist all
valid mail from this mailing list using SpamAssassin 3.3.0 or later,
please add the following to your, assuming the DKIM plugin
is enabled:
  whitelist_from_dkim  *@*

The main change that needs cooperation from members is to start
posting to the new e-mail address, and stop posting to the old address.

The transition will occur later today, estimated between
16:00 UTC and 17:00 UTC  (17h CET, 11h EST, 8h PST).

I'll adapt the information of the web page later on.

Thanks you all for your interest in the Amavis project,
and I appologize for any inconvenience that may have been
caused by this move.


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